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Vishy Anand Headlines the 2024 Prague Chess Festival

24.02.2024 05:00 | News

The Prague Chess Festival 2024, kicking off on February 26th, is not just a tournament; it's a grand celebration of chess that brings together the legends of the game and the brightest young minds.

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Mikhail Tal: The Prodigy of Chess

22.02.2024 00:00 | History

Exploring the early years of Mikhail Tal, known as 'The Magician from Riga,' this article delves into the remarkable journey of a chess prodigy who became the World Chess Champion at the age of 23.

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Vera Menchik: The Queen of Chess

18.02.2024 06:00 | News

On February 16, 1906, the world of chess witnessed the birth of its future queen, Vera Menchik. Born in Moscow, Russia, to a Czech father and an English mother, Menchik's life was as diverse and intriguing as the chess games she dominated.

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Physical Fitness in Chess, Part 1

16.02.2024 06:00 | News

It's clear that physical fitness, and the need for it in chess, is proportional to age. The older the chess player, the more attention they should pay to their physical condition.

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