Magnus Carlsen Joins the German Bundesliga!

19.05.2024 08:34 | News

Last season brought FC St. Pauli success not only on the football field but also on the chessboard: both teams qualified for the top league, the Bundesliga.

And now chess fans in St. Pauli, Hamburg, and all over Germany have even more reasons to be excited: thanks to the support of Freestyle chess sponsor Jan Henric Buettner, the world-renowned Magnus Carlsen has been convinced to play for St. Pauli.

When the chess team from St. Pauli managed to qualify for the Bundesliga, it was truly an unexpected triumph. However, without significant reinforcements, the team would struggle to stay in this incredibly tough league – and that’s where Jan Henric Buettner stepped in.

Today, St. Pauli proudly announced that Magnus Carlsen will play for their club as part of a partnership with the WEISSENHAUS Chess Academy, initiated and financed by Buettner. This partnership is intended to be long-term and will include activities beyond just chess matches.

Carlsen is known as a passionate fan of football and sports in general. The Norwegian once played for the second team of a club in Oslo. In the world of football, Carlsen has a special affinity for Real Madrid, but the Madrid giant unfortunately does not have a chess team. This is not the case for St. Pauli. "I am thrilled to be part of the coolest brand in Germany," declared the world chess champion.

Carlsen made his debut in the German Bundesliga 20 years ago, as a fourteen-year-old with Schachfreunde Berlin (then SF Neukölln). From 2006 to 2009, he played for OSG Baden-Baden. We know that Carlsen is not an early riser, but Bundesliga matches start on Sundays at 10 a.m. We will see how often and on which days he will play. Even with Carlsen strengthening the team, staying in the league will still be a challenge for St. Pauli. However, he is likely not to be the last new addition for the upcoming season.

“We are very pleased about this cooperation. As an entrepreneur and St. Pauli fan, Jan Henric Buettner has taken a remarkable path in promoting international and German chess. We are delighted to follow this path and are already looking forward to the jointly organized home games in our stadium. And we are all thrilled to have Magnus here at the Millerntor. We want to establish ourselves 'at the top' in the long term, and WEISSENHAUS is an ideal partner for this,” said Thomas Schüttler, head of the chess department at FC St. Pauli.

The WEISSENHAUS Chess Academy, founded by entrepreneur and patron Jan Henric Buettner, and the chess division of FC St. Pauli are entering into a long-term partnership. This partnership includes sponsorship by WEISSENHAUS, along with the presentation of the WEISSENHAUS Chess Academy brand and content on the FC St. Pauli chess division’s media channels, as well as other forms of cooperation.

In this context, the world's best chess player, Magnus Carlsen, will play for FC St. Pauli in the upcoming Bundesliga season. “FC St. Pauli has achieved amazing things with its double promotion in football and chess. FC St. Pauli is an ideal partner for us as we continue to promote top chess in Germany and make it more visible. I am most delighted that Magnus has decided to play for FC St. Pauli on our initiative,” emphasized WEISSENHAUS Chess Academy founder, entrepreneur and patron Jan Henric Buettner.

Both partners are planning significant activities together. WEISSENHAUS will be present as a partner in all media channels of FC St. Pauli, for example, with content in live streams during the broadcast of Bundesliga chess, the strongest chess league in the world, live tickers, online communication, as well as cross-media communication in other FC St. Pauli channels. The collaboration is a long-term initiative and will also include joint communication measures with Magnus Carlsen.

One thing is certain: with Carlsen in the team, interest in the chess matches of St. Pauli will be enormous, and his presence will help to further enhance the prestige of this unique club.


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