Quiz about Richard Réti

27.04.2024 05:52 | History

Get ready for a fun quiz that will take you through the life and work of one of the most significant chess masters of the 20th century.

Question 1:
Where did Richard Réti lose his dissertation?

A) In Café Central
B) At the university
C) In a chess club

Question 2:
What subject did Richard Réti study at university?

A) History
B) Mathematics
C) Literature

Question 3:
What world record did Richard Réti set?

A) Longest chess game
B) Simultaneous blindfold play against 29 opponents
C) Fastest checkmate in history

Question 4:
How did Savielly Tartakower describe Réti?

A) As a traditional chess player
B) As a dry mathematician
C) As an artist-researcher

Question 5:
Where was Richard Réti born?

A) In Hungary
B) In Vienna
C) In Prague

Question 6:
Which opening is named after Réti?

A) Réti Defense
B) Réti Attack
C) Réti's Game

Question 7:
What did Réti's professors predict before he switched to professional chess?

A) He would become a politician
B) He would be successful in science
C) He would be an athlete

Question 8:
When did Richard Réti die?

A) 1930
B) 1929
C) 1928

Question 9:
Which of Richard Réti's works is considered a classic of chess literature?

A) "New Ideas in Chess"
B) "Chess for Beginners"
C) "Checkmate in Ten Moves"

Question 10:
Who were the founders of the Hypermodern Chess School along with Réti?

A) Kasparov and Fischer
B) Capablanca and Alekhine
C) Nimzowitsch and Breyer

Correct Answers:
A - In Café Central
B - Mathematics
B - Simultaneous blindfold play against 29 opponents
C - As an artist-researcher
A - In Hungary
C - Réti's Game
B - He would be successful in science
B - 1929
A - "New Ideas in Chess"
C - Nimzowitsch and Breyer

0-3 correct answers: Beginner - You are at the beginning of your chess journey, just like Réti when he forgot his dissertation.
4-7 correct answers: Experienced Player - You have a decent overview, but you are not yet at the peak, similar to Réti in the middle of his career.
8-10 correct answers: Chess Master - Your knowledge about Réti is world-class, you are a true connoisseur!

This quiz was designed to commemorate one of the greatest chess legends of world chess. Thank you for joining us in remembering Richard Réti.

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