Three Bids for the 2024 World Championship Match between Gukesh and Ding Liren

15.06.2024 06:23 | News

The World Chess Organization, FIDE, has announced that it has received three bids worth $8.5 million for the 2024 World Championship Match between Gukesh and Ding Liren. Two bids come from India (Chennai and Delhi) and one from Singapore.

 In an interview, FIDE CEO Emil Sutovsky provided details about this development. With Gukesh as the youngest contender for the world championship title, there is significant interest in the match. The entire chess world is eagerly awaiting the decision on where the match will take place.

Behind the Scenes of the Bidding Process

Many chess fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the World Championship, but they may not always realize the extensive preparations that take place behind the scenes. Even before the players begin their intensive training, several people and organizations have been working for months to ensure the event's success. This process involves securing bids, evaluating venues, and coordinating with local governments and sponsors. FIDE aims to organize a world-class event that meets the expectations of existing fans while engaging new audiences, thus contributing to the growth and popularity of chess globally. The fact that two bids for the World Championship come from India shows that chess is flourishing in the country.

Interview with Emil Sutovsky

Sagar Shah interviewed FIDE CEO Emil Sutovsky about the conclusion of the bidding process for the upcoming World Chess Championship. Sutovsky revealed that they received three bids – two from India and one from Singapore. He detailed the significance of these bids, the standards set by FIDE, and the evaluation criteria that will be used to determine the final venue for this prestigious event.

Sagar Shah (SS): Emil, today is a big day because the official bidding date for the World Championship has ended. It was on May 31st, and we are all very eager and excited to know the results or what information you can share with us!

Emil Sutovsky (ES): Yes, thank you Sagar! We are also excited because it was a moment of truth. At the end of the day, I am happy to announce that we received three bids, and all of them are very serious. I believe it's a record number in recent history. Three bids, two from India and one from Singapore. All these bids are backed by relevant guarantees and government support, making them very substantial and ensuring that the event will be top-notch at a top-notch venue.

SS: Have all three bids agreed to the $8.5 million condition?

ES: All of them are at least $8.5 million. I cannot disclose the financial details, but all of them are at least $8.5 million USD.

SS: Let's talk about the bids. Starting with the two bids from India, which is surprising. But considering Gukesh is one of the players, it is understandable. But Singapore... what is their interest in bidding for this match?

ES: Singapore did an amazing job preparing this bid. I have been in constant touch with Kevin Goh Wei Ming, CEO of the Singapore Chess Federation and a chess grandmaster. Singapore aims to leverage its geographical and multicultural position. They have a community that includes many ethnic Chinese and Indians, making it natural for them to want to host a match involving Indian and Chinese players. Moreover, they are a perfect hub for any events, whether economic, sports, or entertainment.

SS: And from India, there are two bids, which is very interesting. Generally, making even one bid is tough.

ES: Yes. The first bid came from Chennai, which was natural because it is Gukesh's hometown. Chennai is also known for hosting incredibly successful chess events. The recent chess Olympiad was a huge success. Chennai was also the venue for the 2013 match between Vishy and Magnus. The second bid came from New Delhi, a very prestigious bid with a venue where the G20 summit was held in India. This bid is backed by AICF and the Ministry of Sports.

SS: Is there a decision-making process that will be used to determine the host city?

ES: There are many different criteria, such as the neutrality of the country, which is an advantage for Singapore. Other factors include the scope of activities planned around the match, government and sponsor support, and the overall impact on the chess community and a wider audience. We will have internal consultations and discussions with the bidders, and the decision should be made in the second half of June.


While excitement around the World Chess Championship bids is at its peak, chess enthusiasts will have to patiently wait for about a month for the final decision. If India is selected as the host, it will be a momentous occasion for Indian fans, offering them the opportunity to witness the event on home turf. Regardless of the outcome, the bids from India and Singapore demonstrate the growing interest in chess, bringing audiences together worldwide.

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